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Manage your inventory with ease in FiveM QBcore! Our QBcore inventory script provides a realistic and immersive experience, with features such as item slots, weight limits, and more. Customize the script to fit your server needs and give your players a more rewarding and engaging inventory system.

If you are looking for a way to improve the user experience on your FiveM server, I recommend installing the QBCore inventory system.

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The FiveM QBCore inventory is a slot-based inventory system that allows players to store and carry items. It is a highly customizable system that allows server owners to add and remove items, as well as change the weight and capacity of the inventory.

The QBCore inventory is divided into two sections: the main inventory and the quick inventory. The main inventory is where players can store all of their items. The quick inventory is a smaller inventory that players can access quickly from anywhere on the map.


  •  Item Stacking/Splitting Items
  •  Trunk/Glove-box/Stash Support
  •  Unique Crafting System
  •  Responsive and Clean UI
  •  Inbuilt clothing toggle option
  •  Unique Drop System
  •  Optimized (0.00 – 0.01 MS)
  •  Clean Code for better configuration
  •  Many More!
  •  QUICK Inventory (1-6)
  • qbcore

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