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A FiveM scoreboard is a user interface element that displays information about the players on a FiveM server.

scoreboards can be a valuable tool for both server administrators and players. They can help to improve the overall experience on FiveM servers by providing a way to track player activity, identify potential problems, and add a sense of competition.

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we bring a new scoreboard to add to your server new functionalities so players enjoy their time in it; this scoreboard revolutionizes all scoreboards in the market because it is not only used for listing all the players and jobs, it can do so much more 

– Nice UI List Design

We have a very organized player list with both ID and NAME identifiers. In the select menu, click on Player List to enter your user’s list.

– Banner

We have a nice banner, too, where you can put your Logo, Social Media, etc… Also, they are fully customizable; you can change the social media name, links, etc…

– Advanced Job Listing

Our scoreboard has the most advanced job listing system, allowing you to view a list of all the city’s businesses with custom logos, statuses, descriptions, names, and more!

– Event Announcer Section

This section has a lot of utilities; it can be used as a Rule Listing section, Event Listing section, or maybe an updates section; this choice is up to you 

– Settings

Inside the scoreboard, there’s a configuration section where you can change the design of our scoreboard, change the status of the business you are working on, and even admins can post images to the events sections from the settings section.

– Custom RGB Color Picker

We bring you a good-looking scoreboard with grey and white colors to go unnoticed. You don’t like it? There’s no problem; each player can customize their scoreboard to fit all users in our scoreboard.


  • open source
  • search
  • player list
  • robbery
  • events
  • customize
  • esay to use
  • qbcore

Showcase video of fivem scoreboard

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