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Download a custom loading screen. There are many different loading screens available online, so you can choose one that suits the theme of your server.

If you are having trouble changing the loading screen for your FiveM QBCore server, please consult the documentation for your QBCore framework or contact the developer of the loading screen script that you are using.

Enhance your QBcore server’s loading screen with our customizable and immersive script! Create a unique and engaging experience for your players by displaying custom images, text, and interactive elements

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The QB loading screen, often associated with the video game “Quantum Break” (abbreviated as QB), serves a crucial role in providing players with a seamless gaming experience. This loading screen is a brief interlude between different game sections or levels and appears while the game loads assets, environments, and data.

Quantum Break, develope by Remedy Entertainment, is known for its unique blend of cinematic storytelling and gameplay. The loading screen in Quantum Break is distinctive due to its integration with the game’s narrative. Instead of a static progress bar, players are presente with dynamic content that contributes to the story.

During the QB loading screen, players often encounter live-action video sequences that provide context and further the game’s plot. These sequences feature the game’s characters and are designe to bridge the gap between gameplay segments. This not only keeps players engaged but also immerses them deeper into the game’s narrative.

The loading screen in Quantum Break can vary in duration, depending on the platform and the complexity of the level being load. To prevent excessive wait times, developers employ various optimization techniques, such as preloading assets or dynamically adjusting the level of detail.

In summary, the QB loading screen in Quantum Break is a unique and innovative feature that goes beyond the traditional concept of loading screens. It seamlessly combines storytelling with gameplay, ensuring that players remain engaged while the game prepares the next segment, enhancing the overall gaming experience.


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  • qbcore
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