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Transform your FiveM server with the QBcore Spawn Selector Interiors. This open-source script, powered by the Qbcore Framework, introduces seamless vehicle spawning with diverse choices, colour customization, and preview thumbnails. Prevent accidental spawns with confirmation prompts and effortlessly manage personal vehicle storage. Customize spawn points, implement cooldowns, and enjoy a visually cohesive experience with a customizable UI. Integration with the QBcore Framework ensures compatibility and security. Realistic effects and animations add immersion, while responsive design guarantees device accessibility. With search functionality and configurable options, server administrators can tailor the experience to their community’s needs. Elevate your interiors with QBcore Spawn Selector – where every vehicle spawn is a personalized, deliberate choice.

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Welcome to our qbcore spawn selector

Introducing the QBcore Spawn Selector Interiors – a revolutionary addition to your FiveM server that transforms the vehicle spawning experience. Powered by the Qbcore Framework, this open-source script brings a new level of customization and functionality to your server’s interiors.

The heart of the QBcore Spawn Selector lies in its seamless integration with the QBcore Framework, ensuring compatibility and an enhanced feature set. As an open-source solution, it empowers server administrators to access and modify the source code, offering unparalleled flexibility and adaptability to suit the unique needs of their community.

Personalization takes centre stage with colour customization, enabling players to match their selected vehicles to their unique style. Prevent accidental spawns with the spawn confirmation feature, ensuring intentional selections.

Permissions, access control, and integration with the QBcore Framework contribute to a secure and cohesive server environment. The search functionality simplifies locating specific vehicles within the extensive selection, enhancing the overall user experience.

Realistic effects and animations elevate the spawning process, adding a touch of immersion to every selection. The responsive design ensures a user-friendly experience across various devices, enhancing accessibility for all players.

Configurable options provide server administrators the tools to fine-tune settings according to their specific requirements, ensuring a tailored and optimized spawn selector experience for their community. Elevate your FiveM server interiors with the QBcore Spawn Selector – where customization meets functionality, and every spawn is a unique experience.


  • Qbcore Framework
  • open source
  • Color Customization
  • Spawn Confirmation
  • Spawn Points
  • Customizable UI
  • Realistic Effects
  • Responsive Design
  • Configurable Options

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Enhance your FiveM server interiors withqbcore spawn selector a dynamic spawn selector and effortlessly manage items for immersive
qbcore spawn selector

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